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Textbook Buyback Information

Waterloo Campus

April 15 – 19

10 am – 3 pm

Concourse Hawk Shop (just outside the Hawk Shop entrance)

Brantford Campus

April 15 – 17

10 am – 3 pm.

RAC Lobby (outside the Hawk Shop entrance)

Used Book Benefits

1. Buying and selling used books supports our focus on sustainability. It's a great recycling program.

2.Used books are almost always cheaper than new books! Aside from regular wear and tear from being used by other students, there are no content differences between a new book and a used book.

What books do you accept?

The book must be in a saleable condition for another student to reuse. We won't accept books with pages torn out, covers or components missing, excessive highlighting, or signs of any water damage.

How is the book value determined?

The value of your used books depends largely on whether it is being used for a course again the following semester – if it is, those books can fetch as much as 50 percent of the original price. The buyback program also purchases books on behalf of a North American wholesaler. This way even if your textbook cannot be sold through the Hawk Shop, you may still be able to sell it at the buyback.