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Textbooks 101

The Hawk Shop provides courses materials at a competitive and affordable price to support student academic goals. Resources not participating in the Digital Textbook Access Program (DTA) can be purchased online through the booklist. We offer New, Used and Digital options to help keep resources affordable and to provide you with the options that will best suit you and your studies. Please check your booklist for any of your course material needs

What is the Digital Textbook Access Program?

The Digital Textbook Access program provides you with digital resources for your course through your My Learning Space course page. All access components, instructions and links will be provided in the content section of your course. You will have the resource for free for the defined period in the e-mails you will be sent if you are enrolled in a DTA course, during this time if you wish to source elsewhere you will need to opt out via the link to the student portal in those same e-mails. After the opt out deadline for each term the resources you stay opted into will be billed to your Loris account (same account where you were charged for tuition). These resources are provided at affordable rates and are designed to be the cheapest on the market, this is just one of the ways we strive to improve affordability for students. Check out our dedicated Digital Textbook Access page for more information.

What is the Difference Between a New book and a Used book?

A new book purchased through the Hawk Shop will be exactly what the instructor requested for the course. This will include any additional publisher provided components for the resource including but not limited to, MindTap, MyLab, Mastering, Revel, Connect, and WileyPlus access. Not all resources have these components as part of the resource you need to purchase, but if you purchase it new it will come bundled with these items. A used book would not come with these components as they are one time use only materials. In many cases they will be sold separately but keep that additional charge in mind when choosing to source used materials. The Hawk Shop will only provide used options where these materials are not included. Used books are a great way to save money when it makes sense to and we strive to provide as many used resource options as possible.

Do You Purchase Books Back From Students?

Yes, we offer a buyback program where we purchase resources back from students. For dates and locations please check out our Textbook Buyback Information page!

Do You Have Digital Options for my Textbooks?

In most cases we will have a digital alternative available for you to purchase. These are a great way to save money, but there are some things to keep in mind when purchasing a digital copy. These are licensed to you, typically for a set period of time. Once that time runs out, you will lose access and will need to repurchase access should the duration you select expire. Be mindful of open book exams, as instructors typically do not allow digital versions to be brough to the exam. Finally, cater your purchas selection to how you learn best, saving money is great, but learning effectively with the right materials is also important.

If I Drop a Course, Can I Return My Resource?

This depends on a couple factors; when you withdrew from the course, the format you purchased, and the condition of the item. When you drop a course you will need to show proof of withdrawal at the time you request a refund. Typically refunds will be provided up to two weeks following the term return deadline with proof of withdrawal. If you purchased a new resource it must come back in the same condition it was purchased in. If you purchased a digital resource and have accessed this already, we will need permission from the publisher to provide a refund. All refund requests are handled on an individual case basis and there is no guarantee of refund following the term return window.

What is the Return Deadline for the Winter 2024 Semester?

The return deadline for all course materials is January 19th, 2024. All course materials purchased after this deadline are considered final sale.

How To Opt Out of Your Digital Textbook Access Resources

Accessing Your Digital Textbook Access Resources