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Adoption Deadlines

Deadlines and information about ordering your course materials

For your convenience, you can order books online. Orders for course materials must be in by the following dates
to ensure availability and to enable us to source used copies:

Fall CoursesJune 1
Winter CoursesOctober 15
Spring/Summer CoursesFebruary 15

See Return Schedule to learn more about our book return schedule.

How are Faculty vital to Buyback?

Getting course material adoptions early in an important part of the process. The earlier we have textbook adoption
forms in hand, the more used copies of books we can obtain from students and used book wholesalers. That's why
we need your textbook adoption information months before the terms begins.

Why doesn't the bookstore always order 100% of my class enrolment?

We know not every student will purchase the required materials. Some students share materials while other students
do not buy any of the materials. The bookstore reviews past sales numbers on textbooks and may adjust the quantity
ordered. We welcome any input you can provide to assist us with our ordering decisions.