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Course materials staff

Waterloo & Brantford

Paul Cosentino

Course Materials
Digital Resources Specialist
519-884-0710 x3375
Email: pcosentino@wlu.ca

Kimberley Pinkney
Course Materials
Print Resources Specialist
519-884-0710 x3204
Email: kpinkney@wlu.ca

The course materials team is accountable for the procurement of course materials and ensuring the availability and accuracy of materials for resale for the bookstore We thrive to build strong working relationships with faculty and department coordinators, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction is maintained in all dealings with the Academic Materials Department.

Mary is committed to providing excellent customer service and is accountable for managing and developing an effective and efficient service for faculty and the university community.

The Laurier Bookstore Course Materials team is here to provide assistance through every step of the academic materials order process. We can help you navigate through the myriad of content options which are available. These include not just new, used, textbook bundles, course packages and custom publications, but also digital textbook access, rentals and print on demand. We strive to create fair and equitable pricing solutions for students and the university community.

Once we receive your order, we:

  • Confirm availability, edition and package components.
  • Source lower cost used books and rental titles.
  • Determine order quantity and acquire inventory.
  • Follow up to determine delivery ETA.
  • Contact you directly to communicate if there are problems/issues with your order.

Our goal is simple, to have your books when you need them, to order sufficient quantities to cover demand and to communicate to you any problems related to your academic materials order.