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Bringing course content into the 21st century - Advantages of digital textbooks


Laurier launches new digital course initiative

Over the past academic year, Laurier has been exploring a new teaching and learning model designed to improve access to learning materials, reduce costs of content and enhance student achievement.

Through the Inclusive Access model, students will receive the required learning materials for their course in a digital, rather than print, format on the first day of class at a significant cost discount.



  • Affordability- Reducing the cost of course materials
  • Accessibility- all students have access
  • Achievement-Improving educational outcomes for students


How it got started

In September 2015, Laurier launched its inaugural pilot program for five courses spanning both the Waterloo and Brantford campuses. Since these free pilots were a success, seven new courses were offered in the winter term. In the 2015-2016 year, over 960 students and 12 faculty participated in this new program, and have received great feedback. Some of the students’ feedback included:

  • Enjoyed the lower cost of the e-book
  • Ease of transport
  • Specific features of the e-book
  • Search function
  • Ability to “cut and paste”
  • Ability for professor to “push” highlights/annotations to the students

For a list of faculty and courses that have participated in the pilot program.



    Dr. Noam Miller, Assistant Professor, Psychology (Waterloo Campus)

    Dr. Sybil Geldart, Associate Professor, Psychology (Brantford Campus)

    What is Digital Textbook Access?

    Digital Textbook Access is a digital delivery model that provides your students with instant access to all publisher resources required for your course.  Delivered through an e-reader platform and embedded into Laurier’s MyLearningSpace, students will be able to easily access their material and get started on assigned readings on THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS!

    What are the benefits to your students?

    • Having access to all resources on the first day of class saves times and helps to improve the student experience
    • The IA model lowers the cost of the resource for students on average by over 40% when compared to print textbooks.
    • Students will be able to access their course materials on multiple devices
    • Students will spend less time at the start of term shopping for course materials
    • Students can be assured they aren’t purchasing incorrect materials either online or peer to peer


    What are the benefits to the instructor?

    • You can hit the ground running at the start of the semester, knowing that all of your students have required material from the first day of class. 
    • You can highlight and annotate sections of readings to assist with comprehension of the material in the digital format.
    • You can consider active learning models with more confidence knowing all of your students have access to required course materials at a more affordable price.
    • Feedback from Laurier students and faculty throughout the pilot on Digital Textbook Access has been extremely positive and we hope that you will take advantage of this for your course.
    • “Students are embracing and happy with the digital pilot and didn’t feel the lack of a hardcopy textbook.”
    • “The ability to highlight, select highlighted text and collect the notes into a folder was very beneficial for students.”

    If you would like more information about the Digital Textbook Access model feel free to contact Paul Cosentino ( EXT. 3375) or Tina Macpherson ( EXT. 3204) on the Waterloo campus or Jocelyn Jacob ( EXT. 5608) on the Brantford campus for further information

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